24 August

Students and teachers from the Active Learning Trust schools across Chatteris, Ipswich and March are celebrating after achieving excellent 2018 GCSE and A Level results.

Gary Peile, Chief Executive of The Active Learning Trust, added “I am delighted that the students at Chantry, Cromwell and Neale-Wade have produced such excellent sets of results, especially given the change in the exams and the additional rigour. I join Craig, Jane and Jason in celebrating the broad and balanced curriculum offer at the Active Learning Trust schools and would like to thank the whole team for their tremendous support to the whole student body.”

“The Trust operates as a close-knit partnership of local schools who support and challenge each other to secure the best possible standards and achievements for our students. It is especially great to see that as well as the improvements in English and maths, other subjects that have been a topic of concern as having been “squeezed” from the curriculum, such as the arts, have also seen a strong set of results.”

Chantry Academy – Ipswich

Chantry Academy has maintained successful GCSE results after recording its highest ever set of results in 2017. Over two thirds of students have attained higher grades in English or maths.

In English and maths, 66 per cent and 67 per cent of grades were at 4 or above respectively, with around half at grade 5 or above. There were also strong results in art, with 75 per cent of grades at 4 or above and in French, 80 per cent of students achieved a grade 4 or higher. Overall, Chantry Academy’s results show that attainment has improved in eight subjects from the previous year.

Cromwell Community College – Chatteris

Students have achieved strong results in English, where over 73 per cent achieved Level 4 and above; with similar results being achieved across maths as well. 

Significant improvements were achieved in science; a record number of students gained at least two science GCSEs at Levels 4 and above. Other subjects have also seen substantial success as over 20 per cent of students studying technology proudly accomplished a Level 7 and above.

Post 16 results: Over one fifth of A level grades awarded were at A*-A grade and nearly 70 per cent of grades awarded were at A*-C grade. A number of subjects performed exceptionally well including psychology and the sciences. Vocational subjects continue to perform well, with the majority of students achieving the top grades of Distinction and Distinction*.

Neale-Wade Academy

English and maths results remained consistent with 57 per cent pass rate across both subjects. Subjects that performed exceptionally well include: information technology 97.5 per cent, physics 90.5 per cent, chemistry 90.5 per cent and biology 88 per cent.

Physical education was another strength, with a pass rate of 87 per cent, highlighting the value that is placed upon healthy lifestyles within the Academy. With a keen Trust focus on creative education, students achieved fantastic results in art and design with an 86 per cent pass, music 83 per cent and further superb results in performing arts and dance at 100 per cent and 73 per cent respectively.

Post 16 results: Almost 60 per cent of the grades awarded were within the A*-C range, which is a 12 per cent increase from the 2017 results. A fifth of all grades were at the very high-level A*-B range and twenty-one of the subjects offered, including English, maths and the sciences, achieved an impressive 100 per cent pass rate.