Two Primary Schools in Lowestoft have received the prestigious ‘HSBC Smart Money Award 2023’, in recognition of their commitment to the financial education of their pupils.

Westwood Primary School and Grove Primary School, both part of The Active Learning Trust, were praised for their continued focus on developing an age-appropriate understanding of finance among their pupils. The program has been conducted in partnership with HSBC, who have been actively involved in visiting the schools to assist in delivering the sessions.

The HSBC UK Smart Money Award is designed to build financial competence through interactive lessons and tailored activities aimed at specific age groups. The goal is to develop pupils’ financial knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful financial future.

Rachel Kounnas, Interim Head of School at Grove Primary School, said: “I am thrilled that we have been recognised for our commitment to teaching our pupils about financial literacy and responsible financial management. 

“We live in a time where financial knowledge and confidence is a vital life skill. These sessions have provided pupils with valuable information, guidance and practical tips to make better decisions when it comes to money.”

Through the programme, children across the two forward-thinking schools have developed their understanding of the value of money, managing their finances and making sensible purchases as they progress through life. 

Lynsey Holzer, CEO of the Active Learning Trust shared her pride in the two schools: “We recognise the importance of our pupils learning practical life skills, such as being confident in managing their money, from a young age so we were delighted to welcome HSBC into our schools. The sessions have been fun and informative and the awards are fitting celebrations of all that the children have achieved. Well done everyone!”