30 July

The Active Learning Trust believes in an outward facing approach to provide students with the tools and skills to thrive within their local communities. A recent report by Young Minds and the National Children’s Bureau reported that 90 per cent of school leaders have seen an increase in the number of students experiencing anxiety or stress over the last five years.  Resilience is an important skill to  help students to talk about such worries and ensure that they receive the appropriate support.

Gary Peile, Chief Executive of the Active Learning Trust, said “The Active Learning Trust believes that our pupils should receive a high level of education alongside developing key skills to support their emotional wellbeing. One of our core values centres around ensuring our pupils can positively take part in their school and community life to the best of their abilities. Resilience is a key part of that and I am delighted that these awards will recognise the hard work and tenacity of our students.”

“The Resilience Awards are also the first Trust-wide awards for our students. I really hope that by valuing key skills at a Trust level, our students will feel even more united as members of The Active Learning Trust.”

"Resilience is a common theme across schools within The Active Learning Trust. The inaugural Resilience Award scheme encourages pupils to practice this key skill to support their emotional wellbeing, while uniting all students across the Trust.

The Active Learning Trust Resilience Awards will take place annually and each headteacher will nominate a student from their school to receive the award. The entry criteria looks for pupils who demonstrate that they are adaptable, have a sense of purpose in learning and have made progress in the past year. They must also show continued willingness to learn, engage productively with others, access support when they need it and demonstrate exceptional perseverance.

The first award was presented at Chantry Academy in Ipswich in June, with other awards to follow next term. Each award winner will receive a trophy of their own to keep, a certificate and book voucher. While the school will retain a shield, which will have the winner’s name and the year engraved on.